Coron Village Lodge offers the best and most exciting tours and adventures in Coron. We bring our guests to the best destinations and keep the tours exclusive to each particular group. We don’t mix up groups.



We are proud of our well trained, service-oriented and friendly people, from the tour guides to the kitchen staff to the front desk to the housekeeping group, the guard and others. Do try our package tours and be one of our happy and satisfied quests.

  1. All boats are provided with life vests. Please help us check if your boat has life vests for everyone before the boat leaves for the islands.
  2. Snorkels, fins and goggles are for rent. You may, however, opt to bring your own or rent at our front desk or even from other outlets. We assure you that the Village Lodge thoroughly cleans its snorkels and goggles and fins at the end of each day.
  3. We bring our guests only to places with caretakers and which, therefore, charge entrance fees. We do not avail of the free beaches that are uncared for and which may have a lot of debris including broken bottles, plastic, and rusty tins. The entrance fees add to the cost of the package but we are assured of the maintenance and cleanliness of the beaches, lakes, islands we bring our guests to.
  4. Re accommodations for our tour packages, Coron Village Lodge (CVL) is a simple provincial lodge, no star at all, so we request our valued guests not to expect the amenities and services of an expensive starred hotel. However, we do try our best to offer clean and comfortable rooms with clean sheets and towels, good food, efficient and friendly service. If sometimes we experience brownouts, the town’s power generators may have conked out. Our generator then supplies the power but only for lights and electric fans. If there is no water, it could be worse in other places because Coron town has a water problem which the local government is working on. CVL is lucky to have a mountain spring in the owners’ farm. The water is piped down to an underground cistern and two trucks haul the water to the lodge cisterns.
  5. We limit each guests to two towels a day. P50.00 will be charge for a third towel. This is to lessen our laundry expense and to lessen the detergent that goes into the ecosystem.
  6. As in any other place in the tropics, there may be mosquitoes especially at the lakes. Please bring OFF. However, that the mosquitoes in town are non-malarial, but even in our garden, play safe, use OFF.