About us

CORON VILLAGE LODGE started as an old 5 room family house. The owners transferred to Manila when the children were in high school, in pursuit of better education for them. The house was left to a housekeeper and a gardener  who took care of the house and the premises as though the owners were present. After some years, a few travelers who came to Coron started asking if they could lodge in the house, there being no lodging house in town. Guests started coming in with just the housekeeper attending to them. Finally, it was decided that the house be turned into a real lodge. Additional rooms were built and now Coron Village Lodge has 25 rooms and a 5-door apartment building. A function room, a restaurant and a souvenir shop have been added and, hopefully, more rooms will be added soon.


The old garden  is still lush and beautiful. The rooms, each with a private toilet and bath and air-conditioning, are well-maintained. The resto-bar has been renovated and artistically designed by Willot, the owners’ younger son, who now manages the establishment. The garden and wide yard provide sitting areas and shady space.


Restaurant 1-V2

 Coron Village Bar and Resto

The restaurant serves good food, and as one regular Italian customer says every time, “The best Filipino food in town!”. The bar serves beer, cocktails, juices, shakes and soft drinks. The ambience of the resto-bar is worth mentioning here. Moonlight nights in the garden — well, check it out. We don’t have this in the city, right?

The staff are hard-working. They maintain the rooms and the premises, keeping them spic and span. Many guests have praised the staff for the cleanliness of the lodge, the helpful attitude and their friendly smiles. The motto: Be happy and keep the guests happy!

The lodge is a non-star lodge. But in a small town which Coron is, CORON VILLAGE LODGE shines like a star!